Building a Sustainable Flower Business

beautiful vintage wedding bouquet

One of my goals this year is to build a more sustainable flower business from seed to centerpiece. Because wedding flowers y’all? Despite the blooms + gaggles of greenery involved, they’re not so green.
According to the United States Department of Agriculture around 80% of flowers are imported. So they’ve already racked up A LOT of frequent flier miles, and quite the carbon footprint, before they even arrive at your florist. They’re fumigated at the border, and who knows what the hell they were sprayed with before that? I’ll tell you who knows friends- my sad, sad florist paws the day after a big event. They’re chapped, cracked, and ready for Halloween. I will spare you that visual.
flower arranging

The environmental impact doesn’t end once the flowers reach your florists hands either. Flowers arrive with packaging (both paper/plastic) and one of the more popular methods of flower arranging involves floral foam, a non-biodegradable petroleum product. And of course there are more sprays.

So what’s a floral designer to do? Throw up her hideous hands and call it a day? And how about all you newly engaged folks with stars in your eyes and visions of peonies in your head?

Don’t despair. I want you to have your peonies damn it! We’ll get through this together- you’ll have your flowers, I’ll have my hands, and hopefully we all (you, me, and mother nature) have a little more green in our pockets this year.


Here at Winston & Main, we already avoid flower foam, compost our trimmings and scraps, and recycle as much packaging as possible.

In 2017 we will:
*Find and use local flowers whenever possible
*Donate Day-Old wedding flowers
*Get serious about Flower Farming in Los Angeles + plant our first bridal garden


There is an aesthetic bonus to all of this of course, a silvery green eucalyptus-like lining. Ahh eucalyptus. Be still my heart. Just like a garden fresh tomato tastes like sunshine and a store bought tomato tastes like dirty water, fresh flowers look, feel, and last longer.

The magic lies in their imperfection. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a wonky garden rose over it’s more manicured long-stemmed cousin any day.

Join us! If you’re in Southern California (or beyond) I’d love to chat about making your wedding flowers more sustainable, more affordable, and more beautiful AND we still have some availability for 2017!

Less waste. More love. I’ll have some local fresh flower sources for you soon + updates on my wannabe flower farmer adventures.

Photos: Linda Abbott/Kirsten Ellis/David Coe/W&M

Last Minute Gift Guide: Make

Holiday wreaths are an easy way to bring a lot cheer on the cheap to your home, and they make great gifts too!

I prefer them a little weird and wild (like most things in life), but you can use this technique for almost any material you choose.

And the only supplies you’ll need are a wire wreath form, paddle wire, and some snips. Easy peasy.
First up- grab yo’ greens! Do it in a park, and try not to look…awkward.

I chose noble fir, cedar, and seeded eucalyptus from the LA Flower Mart for around $3.50/bunch and used about 1/3 bunch per 12″ wreath. For the behemoth in that first photo, you’ll need around 2 bunches of everything.

You can also forage your greens in the wild or at your local tree lot/Home Depot, where they’ll usually give you the branches they cut off the bottoms of trees for free.
Now for some fun (and long lasting) accents- thistle, naked pepperberry, and red safari.
Make small and pleasing bunches of greens + accents.
Place your first bunch on your wreath form and use the paddle wire to secure it. No need to be pretty or too precious- just make sure it’s secure and DON’T cut your wire.
Lay down your next bunch directly below the first one, so that the top of your second bunch covers up your messy wires. Secure it in place and DON’T cut your paddle wire.
Rinse and repeat.
Voila! Not too shabby for $10 and 20 minutes, right?!

And if a wreath isn’t up your alley, here are 4 more gifts to make:

Vanilla Extract
Preserved Lemons
Homemade Bitters
Chewy Caramels

And yes, they’re all edible, because if you’ve been invited to a holiday party, your host/ess probably already has enough cheese logs, tea towels and kitchen tchotkes!

Last Minute Gift Guide: Shop

Hello friends! It’s been tough to get in the holiday spirit this year, and we still haven’t managed to get a tree…

BUT I finally put on the holiday tunes and made this behemoth of a wreath to hang over our fireplace, AND the kind folks at Jord sent over a little holiday cheer in watch form, just in time (ha!) to help me turn the corner and do this holiday thing.

Won’t you join me?

Today I’m sharing a few unique last minute gift ideas you can shop, and over the next two weeks I’ll share a few more gifts to make, donate, and inspire.
1. An Amazing Wood Watch from Jord $189
I was initially hesitant when Jord offered to send me one of their wood watches- I don’t do a lot of sponsored content and I’m extremely particular about accessories.

Luckily my curiosity and love of unique pieces got the better of me, because I’m loving my zebrawood and champagne gold Frankie. Massive and minimal at the same time, she’s a statement piece AND a conversation starter. Beautiful, organic, and surprisingly light weight, I’m looking forward to wearing her with everything this holiday season and beyond.
Grab an instant $25 e-code here!
2. Stylish Leopard Slippers from Birdies $140
Old house. Wood floors. Enough said.
It doesn’t hurt that they’re twinning with my favorite shoes either.
3. Funny Feminist Everything from Yankee Dime Creations $28
I have a pile of these stickers on my desk and they make me SO happy.
Stocking stuffers for everyone!
4. Locally Roasted Coffee, Suits & Knives, from Coffee Colab $19
We all get lazy and go to Starbucks sometimes, but there are SO many amazing
local coffee roasters to support in Los Angeles!
5. Flower Subscription (from yours truly!)
In 2017 Winston & Main will begin offering a flower subscription service here in Los Angeles and I’d LOVE to fill your year with flowers! You can email me ( to set up your custom subscription for weekly or monthly flower delivery in my signature organic style. 3 months of once/month delivery for $225 $200 through the end of 2016!
* This post was sponsored by Jord, all opinions are my own.
Photo 1, 2, 7 David Coe Photo for Winston & Main/Photo 4/Photo 5/Photo 6

Wooden Wristwatch