Holiday Flower Delivery

hen stealing flowers
Or pickup from our studio in DTLA on 12/16 or 12/23.
You just gotta get ’em before my girls do!
Holiday Cuties Trio, $100:
holidaycenterpiece trio
This trio of floral, forest, and tropical cuties would make a great centerpiece on a 6-8′ rectangular table or scattered around the house for a few festive pops!
Tropical Cutie, $35

This fun holiday arrangement features anthurium for a tropical twist. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
Forest Cutie, $35
classic holiday floral arrangement
This festive arrangement features flocked pinecones and silver brunia balls and smells divine. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
Floral Cutie, $35
holiday floral arrangement
This sweet arrangement features lisianthus, thistle, and bright red berries for classic holiday flavor. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
hens talking to eachother
“They’re going quick- grab one!”
two hens
(whistling sound) “Nothing to see, move right along, we’re not incessantly pecking your back while you snap photos of those flowers we wanna eat.”
Email us to place your order. Please specify type of cutie and preferred delivery or pickup date, and we’ll be in touch to confirm!
Happy Holidays and thank you for shopping small + local this holiday!

The chicks are two months!

And well, they’re chickens now.
Minus the eggs.
Festive freeloading chickens.
Annie Yolkly is a goofy thing.
Ruth Bader Chicksburg is quite composed.
Our sweet giant, Audre, seems less like a rooster each day, and is quite the lap chicken.
Hillary Clinthen is a fierce and determined wanderer, as to be expected right now.
And finally, here’s little Dolly Bird, bringing you just a bit of Scandinavian holiday cheer.
At two months: The ladies are absolute giants (even Dolly Bird) and they enjoy spending their days pecking around their run and giving themselves (and each other) dirt baths in the sunshine. Their craftsman coop is thisclosetofinished, so they still come inside, rather reluctantly, to sleep in their giant brooder at night.
And like good Angelenos, they have overcome their extreme fear of kale, and have enthusiastically added lettuce and tomato to their diet too. Soon I’ll turn over ALL the composting to them. Muah!
But mostly, I’m looking forward to kicking them to the coop, reclaiming our study AND all my free-time, which is currently spent trimming/painting/shingling the coop to match the house.
Yes friends, I have become that crazy chicken lady.
And I’m mostly fine with it.
So much (s)ass!

The Chicks are One Month!

You remember Ruth Bader Chicksburg, right?

And then our runt, Dolly Bird.

Our giant crossingfingerspleasenotarooster Audre.

Our punk rocker, name TBD

And our ginger, name TBD

As far as names go, we’re still throwing around Annie Yolkly, Tilda Swinthen, Hillary Clinthen, and Simone de Oeuffvoir…Thoughts?

At one month: We’re totally shocked at how fast chickens grow! We (only half) joke that they are larger each morning then they were the previous night. They’re now flying giants, whose cheerful cheeping turns more squawky and insistent by the day, especially when they feel like free-ranging in our future study. Which is always. And hilarious. And I’ve never enjoyed watching creatures peck my newly refinished floors more.

The girls adore meal worms, and eagerly come when called if you have said worms in hand. Shamefully, for LA chickens, they are TERRIFIED of kale (a treat I read they would love) and all scurried to the opposite end of their brooder shrieking at its introduction. I tried smaller pieces and hand-feeding too, but they weren’t having it. Super-food be damned. And they ARE still a tad afraid of the dark, seriously dare I say, they’re really big chickens about it! If I forget to turn the light off before it gets dark, so that the room can darken gradually, then they squawk to holy hell when I flip that light. And I’m such a pushover, that I usually turn it back on for them…

That’s the kind of chicken mama I am.

So it’s back to coop building for me,
I’ve gotta get these teenagers out of my house soon.


Can you believe they were ever (only one short month ago) this small!