Flower Delivery

Happy hump-day friends.
In case, like me, you need a little pick-me-up this afternoon/week/month/year,
I have some flowers to share with you.
And if you need more, there are plenty more where these came from over on my Instagram.
“‘Just living is not enough’, said the butterly, “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.'” Hans Christian Andersen

My thoughts exactly Butterfly. And now it’s back to work.

*Photo 4 by Marble Rye Photography, all other photos are my own.

Halloween Shenanigans

We were both sick the week leading up to Halloween, so our celebrations were decidedly more subdued than years past. Still, I was pretty pleased with our last minute decorations…
I played with flowers. And this cool skeleton hand I knew I wanted to hold flowers the second I saw it. Bonus, I scored it for 70% off at Moskatels.
NBD, just putting some roses in the oven, like you do.
Our house smells like dead flowers now.
Cue The Rolling Stones.
The MOST last minute costume I have ever “made.” Rosie had her polka dots, Tallulah and I have our flowers. And our HRC socks.
Meanwhile, these guys are working on the scary soundtrack.
We may have missed Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch, but we arrived in time to score loads of pumpkins for next to nothing.
And of course my pumpkin this year was a chicken.
Other highlights included Indian delivery, adorable trick-or-treaters, and wine.

Did you dress up? Go out? Pass out candy? Just pass out?

Creative Update 2: #fridayflowers


I bought these flowers with the intention of using them to compliment some new party decor for my etsy store (flags! bunting! gold leather!) BUT then they were so pretty on their own I decided to give them there very own creative update.


I love playing with flowers and always enjoy experimenting with new combinations. Like white wine + florals. Yum.


Not to mention our poor bar car was in desperate need of some styling love! It may have still been sporting it’s easter decor, not to mention the dust from 3+ months of neglect…


And I couldn’t resist tossing my favorite chair in the mix. Of course flowers aren’t the only things that look great in that chair! (click the links! hint: cute animals ahead!)



And finally, just in case I piqued your curiosity, here’s a sneak peak of some of the yummy bunting I’m working on- silkscreened hearts + gold lame leather letters for the win! It should be in the store by next week…

Thanks for stopping by and indulging my floral frenzy and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!