Creative Update 1: Modern Geometry


I am on the brink of a new (big, huge, terrifying, moreinfocomingsoon) creative/work decision, and so while my head is swimming with ideas and projects and goals and all these other not-quite-ready to actualize plans, I’ve decided I need a tangible and immediate creative outlet.

So, I am going to execute one personal creative project per week from start to finish, and share the results here- process, progress, pictures. Whatever. Just so long as it gets done.

I started a few weeks ago (and I started small).

But since then it’s been a whirlwind of creative activity here at the corner of Winston and Main.
And it feels good. Really good. The more creative projects I actually execute from start to finish (as opposed to the lists and piles of unfinished projects that tend to infiltrate and stagnate my creative life), the more creative and motivated I feel to make more.

And the closer my weekly projects are coming to aligning with all those not-quite-ready to actualize plans I mentioned up there. Funny how that works, huh?


These table numbers are part of my DIY column over on Broke-Ass Bride and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with them. They’re bright, fun, and free-standing, and would add a perfect pop of color to any modern table.

They were the perfect petite jumping off point, and I’m positively thrilled with my continuing geometric endeavors. In fact, I’ve turned into a total math nerd over here and am churning out more geometric art/decor than I know what to do with….



Apparently bright paint + unfinished wood makes me happy.
And that little piñata.
Could that thing be any more adorable?
And have you also found creativity to be cumulative?

DIY: Concrete + Gold Centerpiece Ideas

diy concrete container

Hello hello!
And happy Monday afternoon!
Fun fact, it’s Tuesday morning here.
Wild huh? Time travel and DIY for the win!

diy concrete planter

Although I probably should tip my hat to jet lag for the early morning motivation over here…

concrete diy

I made these hefty little containers for my new column (eeee!) over at Broke-Ass Bride, where I am going to be living vicariously through (and hopefully inspiring) crafty brides everywhere to get their hands dirty with some DIY.
Exciting stuff.


Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a craft junkie, or an admirer of all things industrial (and over priced these days) these little containers pack a real punch. So get ready to get your rocks off (I just couldn’t help myself) and go check out the full post on Broke-Ass Bride for all the (super easy) instructions and just a little sass. And if you’ve just landed here from BAB, a hearty welcome all the way from Japan!