DIY Neon Sign



I am obsessed with neon. OBSESSED I tell you. A few years ago I actually took a neon workshop so I could make my own neon, where I learned just how hard it is to get bendy glass to do what you want it to, while simultaneously holding it over a crazy flame and blowing (just the right amount) through a straw. How’s that for a mental picture, huh?

So when I was chatting with Maddie about my upcoming tutorials for APW and she asked if I’d ever heard of El Wire (Um, hello Tron. See also: Burning Man.) my brain immediately started thinking of all the ways to make El Wire cool. Not sci-fi cool. Not hippie cool. But simple, modern, youcouldkeepthisinyourhomepostwedding cool.

And, luckily for you (and me) faux neon doesn’t require any molten glass, mercury, or impressive mouth-to-glass skills. Head over to A Practical Wedding for the full tutorial.




Sorry, no photo of the aforementioned blowing/bending sideshow. Please enjoy this consolation photo where I am wearing extremely attractive safety goggles. You’re welcome.




This behemoth looks pretty good with the lights on too. And she dances. See also: yes that’s my vacuum cleaner. aka. Photo shoots are a total disaster zone just outside the frame.




And for the sake of longevity- if you attach the words to different battery packs, you can change the emphasis as needed throughout the course of your relationship.

ps. Nothing against sci-fi OR hippies. My super metallic (rose gold) birkenstocks arrived yesterday. Best of both worlds.

Creative Update 1: Modern Geometry


I am on the brink of a new (big, huge, terrifying, moreinfocomingsoon) creative/work decision, and so while my head is swimming with ideas and projects and goals and all these other not-quite-ready to actualize plans, I’ve decided I need a tangible and immediate creative outlet.

So, I am going to execute one personal creative project per week from start to finish, and share the results here- process, progress, pictures. Whatever. Just so long as it gets done.

I started a few weeks ago (and I started small).

But since then it’s been a whirlwind of creative activity here at the corner of Winston and Main.
And it feels good. Really good. The more creative projects I actually execute from start to finish (as opposed to the lists and piles of unfinished projects that tend to infiltrate and stagnate my creative life), the more creative and motivated I feel to make more.

And the closer my weekly projects are coming to aligning with all those not-quite-ready to actualize plans I mentioned up there. Funny how that works, huh?


These table numbers are part of my DIY column over on Broke-Ass Bride and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with them. They’re bright, fun, and free-standing, and would add a perfect pop of color to any modern table.

They were the perfect petite jumping off point, and I’m positively thrilled with my continuing geometric endeavors. In fact, I’ve turned into a total math nerd over here and am churning out more geometric art/decor than I know what to do with….



Apparently bright paint + unfinished wood makes me happy.
And that little piñata.
Could that thing be any more adorable?
And have you also found creativity to be cumulative?

DIY: Gold Leaf Polka Dot Easter Eggs

gold foil easter egg diy

Now that’s a mouth full, isn’t it?
But a tasty one. And easy too.
And don’t you just wanna squeeze all those teeny tiny succulent cheeks to death?
I mean, in an anthropomorphic cactilovefestsortofway.
Okay, that was weird.
But you can picture it right?

gold foil easter egg diy

Okay, okay…
I’ll break the awkward silence (americans can only go 4 seconds!)
and get back to Easter. It’s actually a really special holiday to me, not in any religious sense,
but in the holiday traditions that really see you through sort of way.

It’s my holiday among friends, and for the past five years I’ve thrown a dinner party for those friends who are orphaned from their family by geography, history, economy or circumstance.
So basically, a delightful, motley, and ever-changing crew.

gold foil easter egg diy

Easter has seen me through a marriage, a divorce, two blogs, and three different homes, always with a slew of friends, a vat of wine, and a trough of food at the ready. Last year the addition of my darling boyfriend and his family made the holiday one of my favorites yet, and this year is sure to be fantastic,
as we’ll be celebrating in our first home together.

gold leaf easter egg diy

And every year for five years, I’ve wanted to make some sort of Easter egg place cards. I have absolutely no idea why. I’ve meant to do it. Then I inevitably run out of time, or decide it’s more essential to make a second pie or drink more wine. Pie and wine always win.

But this year is different.
This year there is time for crafts and pie and wine.

gold foil easter egg diy

A few weeks ago I saw the clever way Emily used double stick tape over on Cupcakes and Cashmere to gussy up some salt shakers, and I immediately thought of glue dots and Easter Eggs.

Then while I was grabbing some more dots from Moskatels, my inability to pass up anything in miniature led me to acquire these teeny tiny terra cotta pots. (only 39 cents each!)
And voila! Just like that I committed to making sixteen teeny tiny polka dot egg pots.

Yep, sixteen Easter guests!

gold foil easter egg diy

I blew out the first half-dozen, which made applying the glue dots a delicate procedure.
I couldn’t push hard enough to get the glue to adhere in one clean “dot,” and some dots
were a bit misshapen or lumpy organic. Once I decided to just leave the goo in the egg until after I dotted up ’em, it became a fantastically easy project.

Then I just took an Exacto knife and sliced their tops off/poured out their innards.
And we ate eggs.

This is how I did it:

easter egg succulents

ps. This project is definitely NOT rocket science and I don’t think all three of you are such idiots that I needed to write such a detailed DIY. Mostly I just wanted to practice creating a simple format for future projects and I’d love to hear what you think! It does limit us to DIYs that are six steps (or fewer)… Thoughts?