Hi, I’m Tabitha! (she/her)

I’m the founder and creative director here at Winston & Main, where we specialize in creating modern events full of bold choices, custom décor, and lush nature-inspired floral design.

Our goal is to create, design, and collaborate with you and your other vendors in an easy, fun, and professional manner to bring your vision to life.

My education in theater and fine art + 15 years experience working in the film industry make this a reality- I bring style, creativity and originality, blended with organization, a fierce attention to detail and a calm demeanor to every project.

So… are you ready to get this party started? Here’s how you can hire us to bring your event to life.



Wait! You still wanna know more?

Okay, okay. I am a Native Californian and originally from San Francisco. I moved to LA for my first career in film, and despite my lifelong conditioning that LA sucks (it’s a Bay Area thing) I absolutely LOVE LA and think it really is the best. I am mama to the cutest dogs in the world, a very talkative cat, and 4 very spoiled chickens. We’re talking Martha Stewart level pastel eggs here people. Obviously the designer in me did that on purpose. 😉 I love a good cup of coffee. Or three. Or a Manhattan. Or another boozy and delicious cocktail for that matter. Before I became an event & floral designer, I worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade, designing and costuming for film/TV. (Parks & Recreation anyone?) My other interests and inspirations include old things, gold things, yoga, photography, books, bicycles, learning Japanese, my cute partner, and my furry + feathered family.

You can check out all my adventures over on my blog where I share our events, as well as my own style story: an ongoing love for good food, home improvements, and backyard chickens!