Welcome to Winston & Main!

We are an LA-based event & floral design studio that specializes in earth friendly + nature-inspired floral design & custom installations for events, weddings, & brand activations. Our goal is to create, design, and collaborate with you and your other vendors in an easy, fun, and professional manner to bring your vision to life.

We believe that flowers are magic and that they have the power to transform spaces, people, and bad days alike. Flowers are a powerful reminder to be present, and they teach us to cultivate a more mindful relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

These are a few of our core values here at W&M:

Giving Back

They guide our daily choices, our designs, and our business.

We believe Black Lives Matter, and are proud to be a LGBTQ+ owned biz who strives to be welcoming & inclusive to everyone. We’re committed to being actively anti-racist, and to making our business + personal practices sustainable for mama earth.

So… are you ready to get this party started? Here’s how you can hire us to bring your event to life.



About Tabitha

Tabitha Abercrombie (she/her) is a floral designer, educator, creative coach, RYT 200, chicken mama and founder of Winston & Main.

Before she became an event & floral designer, she worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade, designing and costuming for film/TV. (Parks & Recreation anyone?) So it goes without saying that halloween is a fave holiday.

Tabitha believes in taking messy action, bringing your whole self to your business, uplifting community, giving back, great storytelling, and strong coffee.

Her other interests and inspirations include old things, gold things, yoga, photography, books, bicycles, long dog walks, learning Japanese, her cute partner, and her furry + feathered family.

You can check out all her adventures over on the blog where she shares our events, BTS, and her own style story: an ongoing love for good food, home improvements, and backyard chickens!