Getting Things Done



Takes coffee.
And bravery.

I feel silly now, but I was pretty scared to do my first flower pop-up shop this past weekend.

What if no one bought my flowers?

I felt embarrassed just thinking about packing them all back up and heading home with an empty pocket and a car full of flowers. Ha! Now I just feel embarrassed admitting that.

But seriously, it was awesome.
People bought flowers. People stopped by and chatted.
Melissa took beautiful family photos. I ran out of flowers.
It was all good.

Go do that thing you’re scared of.
It’ll be great.

Paper Flower Balloon String Printable



Because maybe your mama would like balloons AND flowers.

Ever since this paper flower tutorial I did for A Practical Wedding, I’ve been pretty hooked on using my Sprout to catalog new flowers as I work on various projects for clients. This red & whimsical collection comes to you courtesy of a sample centerpiece I did for an upcoming wedding. Aren’t those red charm peonies a dream? Seriously, even paper peonies are a dream.




No parking. It doesn’t say anything about floating, flying, jumping, or other cuteness. Also, old-school balloons (but bigger). It’s time.




So print out this PDF stat, pour yourself a glass of wine (or two) and spend a little time with your scissors and some Netflix. For yo mama.




It’s easy:

1. Gather your supplies: PDF x4, Cardstock to match x4, ribbon, scissors, glue stick, tape
2. Trim corners from PDF, and tape to cardstock
3. Cut out flowers + cardstock backs
4. Sandwich ribbon between cardstock back and flower front. Continue. Tie to a balloon. DONE.

And if balloons aren’t your thing, maybe paper flower bombing a car window (or two)?

ps. dog mamas count too.
pps. That cute human up there is my hair stylist Teresa. Hi neighbor! She will give you a rad haircut AND make you laugh with her super punny hand-drawn cards.

Elizabeth & Yousef on Junebug Weddings!



Elizabeth and Yousef were married on New Year’s Day at the amazing The Loft on Pine. They’re just the sweetest, and I was honored to work my flower magic for them. I created a wild + glamorous behemoth of a bouquet, an installation of greens over their epic sweetheart table, and filled a bunch of little bud vases with beautiful blooms to scatter among their candle and succulent filled tables.

Check out a few of my favorite images here and then head over to Junebug Weddings to see all the vintage Mexico-inspired magic.



A wild & asymmetrical bouquet in magenta, burgundy and cream? Yes please! I used peonies, garden roses, amaranthus, and a variety of greens to create this beauty, then tied her up with gold ribbon and a beautiful picture of the bride’s dad.






These two were super smart about their flowers- we focused on a few statement pieces (bouquet! installation!) and then scattered a few high impact flowers everywhere else. I mean, what else does that peony need?






BOOM. Greenery Installation. And ALL the candles.






Candlelight and magenta peonies for days. Be still my heart.
Get more on Junebug Weddings.


Venue: The Loft on Pine / Photographer: Lauren Scotti / Event Planning: Just Wenderful