Paper Flower Balloon String Printable



Because maybe your mama would like balloons AND flowers.

Ever since this paper flower tutorial I did for A Practical Wedding, I’ve been pretty hooked on using my Sprout to catalog new flowers as I work on various projects for clients. This red & whimsical collection comes to you courtesy of a sample centerpiece I did for an upcoming wedding. Aren’t those red charm peonies a dream? Seriously, even paper peonies are a dream.




No parking. It doesn’t say anything about floating, flying, jumping, or other cuteness. Also, old-school balloons (but bigger). It’s time.




So print out this PDF stat, pour yourself a glass of wine (or two) and spend a little time with your scissors and some Netflix. For yo mama.




It’s easy:

1. Gather your supplies: PDF x4, Cardstock to match x4, ribbon, scissors, glue stick, tape
2. Trim corners from PDF, and tape to cardstock
3. Cut out flowers + cardstock backs
4. Sandwich ribbon between cardstock back and flower front. Continue. Tie to a balloon. DONE.

And if balloons aren’t your thing, maybe paper flower bombing a car window (or two)?

ps. dog mamas count too.
pps. That cute human up there is my hair stylist Teresa. Hi neighbor! She will give you a rad haircut AND make you laugh with her super punny hand-drawn cards.