Marta & Matt’s Enchanted Forest Wedding



A year ago today I had the honor of designing Marta & Matt’s Art Deco meets Enchanted Forest wedding at Cicada Club in DTLA.
At our very first meeting we spoke extensively about the way Marta & Matt wanted their wedding to feel, and our design grew organically from there. They didn’t want another everythingartdeco wedding, but rather a celebration of their unique (and nerdy!) interests in an atmosphere of enchantment and fun. With manzanita trees, mossy vignettes, lanterns, fairy lights, and even a scavenger hunt, I think we nailed the magic. And the fun. And most importantly, we created an event that felt like authentically like them.
I loved creating this memorial tree, placed on the center of the escort card table, to honor those family members who couldn’t celebrate with Marta & Matt.


And speaking of the escort card table, we assigned every guest their own tiny lantern to guide them to their seat for dinner!


Matt wanted the head table to have it’s own number, and naturally he wanted that number to be zero. Done and done.