You Deserve Joy Too!

Tabitha Abercrombie of Winston and Main holds a magical two-tone dahlia, half hot pink and half orange.
Hey event pros! And especially my solopreneur friends…

You deserve joy too.
You know, the kind you’re SO good at bringing to your clients.

So as 2021 speeds by in a sleepless blur of beautiful events-
Take a moment.
Close your eyes and picture something that brings you joy or makes you reeeeeeally happy.

Then ask yourself:

How am I making space for joy in my life AND my schedule?

Wedding boom or not…
What do you want 2022 to look like?

You have the power, and you get to paint that picture for yourself.
But you gotta do it now.
You gotta get joy on the calendar.

Maybe you want to jump on this wedding boom full force and book 80 events next year.
If that’s what you really want- awesome, do it.

And start setting up all the systems you need to support your own joy in making that happen NOW.


If that’s not in your heart, if that thought doesn’t thrill you, if you’re exhausted now and quickly headed for burnout…
Please don’t do it.

In the event industry, we’re in the business of amazing customer service.

Not good enough service.
Not lukewarm service.
Not so-so service.
Not “I guess they were okay” service.

We’re in this is the best day of your life, everything has to be perfect, we are going to blow your minds and then some service.

So it’s hard to say no.
But please start saying no.

No to unrealistic budgets.
No to meetings you don’t have the time to follow up on.
No to booking multiple events per weekend and then feeling sick over how to do it all.
No to working every weekend, if that’s not what you want.

You do an amazing job– you bring + amplify joy in this world and that is not a little thing.
So please take the time to serve yourself in the same way.

Colorful & Flower filled text on a white background that reads:  "You deserve joy too" from Winston & Main

You deserve joy too.

Do this now:
1. Identify 3 things that bring you joy. Keep them small. Write them down.
2. Put one of them on your calendar for this week now.

I’d love to hear what you just put on your calendar.