Backyard chickens frolicking in lush floral table garland
This is the strike crew of my dreams y’all. It might also be IS the booze + lovely lady + flower + chicken-filled party of my dreams. For sure. I first discovered Kate and her amazing blog/Instagram, Drinking with Chickens, last year when I wrote this article on Apartment Therapy.
We started chatting on IG and godblesstheinternet here I am creating some flower magic in her backyard a year later. She also took that amazing photo up there.
Gorgeous cottage garden paths lined with purple flowers
Kate’s garden is ridiculous. Like fairy-tale levels of perfection #gardengoals ridiculous. And I was so lucky she agreed that I could bring along my pal Victoria Gold Photography to snag some fancy florist shots. AKA, the kind, at big events, I’m usually too sweaty/busy to ever take, let alone look at, or post again.
florist apron with japanese snips, pink spray roses, and fried egg peonies
Just hanging with my snips and some big ol’ fried egg peonies in the garden. Like ya do.
Winston and Main's Tabitha Abercrombie holding a polish chicken wearing a flower necklace
Victoria took a bunch of florist glamour shots of me in the garden, and we did things like torture poor Pip with a flower corsage necklace. He loved it. Obviously.
Winston & Main's Tabitha Abercrombie putting the finishing touches on a lush floral garland for a garden party
So calm. So not sweaty. Just jeuging up a flower-filled table in the garden, like ya do.
Winston & Main "Adorn Yourself" acrylic sign and modern brass wrist corsages
We’ve been making these modern brass wrist corsages for our wedding clients for a while now, and just love them! See also: we love making acrylic signs! And…No more 80’s prom arms, I mean, unless you’re having an 80’s prom wedding in which case- call me! 🙂
Modern Floral Jewelry, fresh flowers on brass cuffs for a modern wedding corsage
I just love love love these little pieces of floral jewelry, because each one is totally unique. It was really fun to watch guests select the one that spoke to them.
Did I mention that I LOVE attending parties that I’ve floralized? I am consistently humbled + awed by the effect beautiful flowers have on people and feel so lucky when I get to see my #flowermagic in action.
A colorful and bohemian garden party, afternoon tea, or wedding tablescape
Are you ready for flower porn on a whole different scale though?
tablescape with overflowing garland and colorful chairs for garden party
And a different angle. That garland though. She’s extra.
Iphone pic by yours truly.
a birds-eye-view of a lush floral table garland and beautiful mini-cupcakes
Especiallye extra at this angle.
Photo + Gorgeous lil’ cupcakes by my pal Kristin over at Dine X Design!
Fun fact: Kristin and I met at Alt Summit waaaaaay back in 2012 and reconnected at this lil’ shindig! Again, godblesstheinternet!
A birds-eye-view of a lush early summer floral garland on a table set for afternoon tea.
More. More. More.
backyard chickens in lush floral garland
More chickens. More flowers.
Drinking with Chickens party goers at lush tea party holding chickens
More hot ladies with lap chickens.
Party goers with cocktails and chickens at Drinking with Chickens Boozy Tea Party
Koval bottles with flower adornments
Leave no surface or booze bottle unflowered. That’s what we say. After all, Kate’s blog is called Drinking with Chickens. And Koval did put the “booze” in the Boozy Garden Tea Party. And it was delicious!
bright peony filled table garland tea party or wedding
Okay, maybe just one more tablescape. Is it weird that I wanna climb on that table and roll around in the flowers?
Winston & Main's Tabitha Abercrombie in the garden with her hand-painted "mother of chickens" tote
Well, maybe I’m just a little weird. 🙂

Amazing Collaborators + Contributors:
Hosts: Wandering Whiskey Society and Drinking with Chickens / Booze: Koval Distillery / Cookies + Cookie Decorating Sesh: Compact Cookies / Cocktails: Bit by a Fox / Cupcakes: Dine X Design / Scones: Nosh With Tash / All photography, except
where otherwise credited: Victoria Gold Photography / Floral Design: Winston & Main

Holiday Flower Delivery

hen stealing flowers
Or pickup from our studio in DTLA on 12/16 or 12/23.
You just gotta get ’em before my girls do!
Holiday Cuties Trio, $100:
holidaycenterpiece trio
This trio of floral, forest, and tropical cuties would make a great centerpiece on a 6-8′ rectangular table or scattered around the house for a few festive pops!
Tropical Cutie, $35

This fun holiday arrangement features anthurium for a tropical twist. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
Forest Cutie, $35
classic holiday floral arrangement
This festive arrangement features flocked pinecones and silver brunia balls and smells divine. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
Floral Cutie, $35
holiday floral arrangement
This sweet arrangement features lisianthus, thistle, and bright red berries for classic holiday flavor. It’s petite size is perfect for a desk, bedside table, or bathroom arrangement.
hens talking to eachother
“They’re going quick- grab one!”
two hens
(whistling sound) “Nothing to see, move right along, we’re not incessantly pecking your back while you snap photos of those flowers we wanna eat.”
Email us to place your order. Please specify type of cutie and preferred delivery or pickup date, and we’ll be in touch to confirm!
Happy Holidays and thank you for shopping small + local this holiday!

The chicks are two months!

And well, they’re chickens now.
Minus the eggs.
Festive freeloading chickens.
Annie Yolkly is a goofy thing.
Ruth Bader Chicksburg is quite composed.
Our sweet giant, Audre, seems less like a rooster each day, and is quite the lap chicken.
Hillary Clinthen is a fierce and determined wanderer, as to be expected right now.
And finally, here’s little Dolly Bird, bringing you just a bit of Scandinavian holiday cheer.
At two months: The ladies are absolute giants (even Dolly Bird) and they enjoy spending their days pecking around their run and giving themselves (and each other) dirt baths in the sunshine. Their craftsman coop is thisclosetofinished, so they still come inside, rather reluctantly, to sleep in their giant brooder at night.
And like good Angelenos, they have overcome their extreme fear of kale, and have enthusiastically added lettuce and tomato to their diet too. Soon I’ll turn over ALL the composting to them. Muah!
But mostly, I’m looking forward to kicking them to the coop, reclaiming our study AND all my free-time, which is currently spent trimming/painting/shingling the coop to match the house.
Yes friends, I have become that crazy chicken lady.
And I’m mostly fine with it.
So much (s)ass!